Snapchat Turned DJ Khaled Into A Household Name

Twitter mentions are a major key to success.

January 13, 2016

By now, DJ Khaled's brilliant Snapchat aesthetic has been coopted by major corporations and brands—and we all know why that's bad. Fortunately for Khaled, his viral persona has made him more popular than he's ever been before. Thanks to some data analysis from Crimson Hexagon, a big data analytics firm based in Boston, it's now evident just how huge this platform has been for his career. In short, he's changed—a lot.


As you can see in the chart below, Khaled's mentions on Twitter—probably the easiest way to track what people are talking about online—have gone crazy since joining Snapchat on October 2:

According Crimson Hexagon, "In October, 173,192 posts made mention of DJ Khaled. In November, 228,080 posts mentioned him. In December, posts skyrocketed to 2,711,827."

It's definitely worth pointing out that Khaled dropped an album in late October and during that time experienced little traction on Twitter. The highest peak of his mentions comes on December 15, the day after his infamous night stuck in the middle of the ocean on his jet ski. And although his influence might be returning to somewhat normal levels, this chart shows just how intense the attention was on Khaled in those early Snapchat days. They are going to be very mad when they see this chart.

Snapchat Turned DJ Khaled Into A Household Name