Watch Crater’s Sims-”ike "Hardly A” All" Video

The Seattle-based duo’s new song is dark and weird and really beautiful.

January 19, 2016

Crater is the electronic pop project from two Seattle-based ladies. Ceci Gomez and Kessiah Gordon. They both have short dark hair and are stridently do-it-themselves artists; in their case, "it" means writing, producing, programming, and playing synths, guitar, bass, and vocals. They're a power duo for sure.


Crater is releasing their debut full-length record Talk To Me So I Can Fall Asleep February 26 via Help Yourself Records, which came to life from a collection of found sounds from the crevices of the internet. Today they're sharing their new single, "Hardly At All," accompanied by this borderline creepy and strangely beautiful Sims-like video.

"'Hardly At All' is about how our perception of loved ones shifts over time and sometimes humans can just be fucking disappointing," Gordon told The FADER over email. It makes sense that the video for the darkly catchy single stars avatars of the pair instead of their IRL forms, reflecting the weirdness of living a lot of life online. It's bizarre to watch Crater go through emotions as digitized beings, but the video is also a mirror of the song. Crater's inventive blend of digital sounds and their own haunting vocals makes the whole thing intensely human.

Watch the video for "Hardly At All" above, and pre-order Talk To Me So I Can Fall Asleep here.

Watch Crater’s Sims-”ike "Hardly A” All" Video