LUKA Steps Into A Trance On “Not A Word”

It sounds like a feeling.

January 20, 2016

On LUKA's latest track, "Not a Word," the talented musician compiles sounds that could very well make the perfect background music for a kaleidoscope dream. The beat starts with shimmers and then transcends to heavy hitting synths sprinkled with gentle touches of vocals. If you loop the song over and over, it's possible to fall into a undiscovered nook of this track's instrumental allure. It feels complete in the absence of words.

"I wrote this track end of 2014. I spent a few days London for a gig at Village Underground as well as a live set on NTS radio," LUKA said in an email to The FADER. "I recorded the samples for the track at home but it wasn’t until this trip that I started jaming with them. The vocal on the track is by Christine Denamur, she recorded it in Belgium. However I wasn’t thinking of releasing it until I recently started playing it live. It works really well in the club and the people were asking about the track so I decided to put it out."


He admits, "It’s hard for me to say what a track is actually about. It’s rather a feeling that inspires me. There’s no story behind it. It’s a certain feeling I try to capture in order to be able to share it rather than putting it into words."

"Not A Word" is available for free download here. Listen below.

LUKA Steps Into A Trance On “Not A Word”