Listen To Birthday Drift On “Do It All The Time”

A serene track from the new duo.

April 07, 2016

With their intrinsic musical chemistry, Birthday piece together a laid-back vibe on their new song, "Do It All the Time." Vocalist Kamran and producer LUKA formed the collective after recognizing how much they complimented each other's creative approach. The easygoing tune is warmed with Kamran's soothing vocals and carried with Luka's gentle instrumentals.

As Kamran explained in an email to The FADER, "'Do It All The Time' was the first Birthday song to exist. Luka had mentioned that he'd been playing around with some new, more guitar-based instrumentals and wanted me to sing on them. The melodies and lyrics were pretty much the first thing that came out when I started singing along to the track, so the track was finished very quickly."


LUKA continued, "It was exciting to both of us to know that we could make something that we liked so fast, without even being in the same city.”

Check it out below.

Listen To Birthday Drift On “Do It All The Time”