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AMTHST (Nite Jewel & Droop-E) Have “Thug Passion”

The duo share a new trip-hop ballad.

January 28, 2016

The last time Nite Jewel and Droop-E got together they released “N The Traffic,” and the resulting sound, while an achievement, made sense - you expect plush synths and an icy croon from Nite Jewel, and Bay Area bravado from Droop E. Finally, they've acted on the promise of that track and formed a duo called AMTHST, and have shared their newest track “Thug Passion.” It's more of a left turn than “N The Traffic,” conjuring Dummy-era Portishead in its lonely, glitchy electronics and Nite Jewel's haunting vocals. Droop-E recedes to the song's background, casting off inconsiderate platitudes for Nite Jewel's spurned lover to digest and turn into lovely song. The band's Euphoria EP is out February 17.

AMTHST (Nite Jewel & Droop-E) Have “Thug Passion”