Kanye West Says He Had A “Great Convo” With Wiz Khalifa

“All positive.”

February 02, 2016

Tea anyone?

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In case you forgot, Kanye West went on an Twitter spree last week at the expense of Wiz Khalifa. Soon after he finished, he took down the tweets and changed tack, asserting, "I love the world bottom line and all I want is peace and positive energy." But the situation took the focus off his music, and Wiz swore at him on stage several times last week, suggesting that the dispute wasn't going to die on its own. Kanye also tweeted a few times at his ex Amber Rose, whom he needlessly insulted during his exchange with Wiz.


The first steps towards reconciliation appeared to take place yesterday, when Kim Kardashian and Amber met up and announced their truce by sharing a selfie together. Today Kanye suggested that he took similar steps to reach peace with Wiz. "Me and Wiz spoke yesterday," he wrote on Twitter. "Great convo. All positive."

WAVES is due next week. According to his twitter account, Wiz is planning to drop a new project on Friday.

Kanye West Says He Had A “Great Convo” With Wiz Khalifa