Max B Says He Is Flattered That Kanye West Named His Album WAVES

“It’s all love.”

February 03, 2016

Last week, Kanye West changed his album's name to WAVES, inciting a tumult on social media. Wiz Khalifa suggested that Kanye was stealing from the New York rapper Max B (currently in prison). Kanye responded to Wiz, "your first single was corny as fuck," and the situation quickly spiraled outwards from there.


But this week everyone seems to be in a better mood. Kanye and Wiz reportedly patched things up yesterday, and today Max B called in to New York's Power 105.1 to say he has no problem with WAVES as a title.

"It's love," the rapper noted. "It's all love. I appreciate it. I'm flattered that dudes is even acknowledging the situation. Everybody know I'm an innovator. Everybody know I got imagination. I come up with these words and these slogans and these catch phrases, and it's all good when the people follow suit. I like Kanye, I appreciate it. I love it, thank you. We don't have a relationship; I never met him. I feel like he got it from the atmosphere and the atmosphere got it from me. It's all good. That's what art is about. We take things from each other as artists, the creative process... He ain't drop a diss record; he just called his album WAVES."

Listen above.

Max B Says He Is Flattered That Kanye West Named His Album WAVES