Punk Rap Duo Crewshade’s “Julio’s A Narc” Sounds Like Violence

New York producer Jimmy Giannopoulos and Warpaint’s Jenny Lee let loose on new joint project.

February 04, 2016

An unfamiliar blend of punk and rap has been stitched together to create the modern mosh pit joint, “Julio’s a Narc.” Made by Crewshade—a new New York group comprised of LOLAWOLF and Mothxr producer Jimmy Giannopoulos and bassist Jenny Lee of Warpaint—the song mixes messy and scratchy vocals over banging drums, loud horns, heavy bass riffs, and gunshot samples to produce this vitally chaotic piece of work.

"Groups like Nihilistics, Heart Attack, and Beastie Boys played a role in my youth and I fuck with them as an adult," Giannopolous told The FADER over email. "Being immersed in graffiti and skate culture as a child has shaped my aesthetic artistically and as a creator. 'Julio's a Narc' is a song about betrayal, friendship, and shade." Listen below.

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Punk Rap Duo Crewshade’s “Julio’s A Narc” Sounds Like Violence