ForteBowie Made A Love Song For Right Now, “Longway”

This one goes out to the Atlanta singer, rapper, and songwriter’s longterm lover.

February 23, 2016

"Longway," the latest from Atlanta polyglot ForteBowie, is a washed out and ever so slightly warped take on the sort of adult contemporary torch song that Delilah got famous for playing after dark. A dual effort between ForteBowie himself and Nkenge, the song's production lilts, wobbles, and echoes. Meanwhile, ForteBowe sounds serene he's almost slurring as he sings about his longtime love.

"This song is my version of a love song. A 2016 love song for millennials. What love sounds like to me," he explained in a note to The FADER. "I'm being free in my music from now on and not caring about anyone's idea of what ForteBowie is or was."

ForteBowie Made A Love Song For Right Now, “Longway”