ForteBowie’s “Hitlist” Video is A Pulpy After-Hours Gem

Smooth R&B, mansions, and a nunchuck fight — basically everything you want.

December 13, 2016

Right off the heels of his slick new Vice Haus 2 EP, woozy R&B artist ForteBowie has shared the music video for "Hitlist." The video plays out like a pulpy softcore tape, complete with VHS tracking lines and soft focus, as ForteBowie sprawls out in his mansion with a laced-down woman who — as you probably could've guessed — fights off hitmen with samurai swords and nunchucks.


"Hitlist" is about my Kennesaw State thang, or should I say, my ex-Kennesaw State thang," ForteBowie told The FADER over email. "I sent the record to BPace and his team and they came back with an interesting idea for the video. I've known BPace for a minute through working with our brother Jacquees. I gave him a shot and he pulled it through for me."

Vice Haus 2 is out now. Listen here and read our interview with the up-and-coming Atlanta singer/songwriter.

ForteBowie’s “Hitlist” Video is A Pulpy After-Hours Gem