ForteBowie Arrives With The Long-Awaited Vice Haus 2 EP

After three years, the mastermind has finally released a follow-up to his 2013 project.

December 12, 2016
ForteBowie Arrives With The Long-Awaited <i>Vice Haus 2</i> EP Halo/Trinton McDonald/ Osose Ebadan

ForteBowie brings the wavy vibes on his long-anticipated Vice Haus 2 EP. Over 13 tracks, the gifted songwriter/producer/singer leans on his suave vocals for heady songs perfect for getting in a sensual mood, kicking back, or turning up. This follow up to his 2013 EP is full of Bowie's verses, but on the song "Sade," ForteBowie calls on flourishing R&B singer, Jacquees to open up the interlude.


Over email, Bowie told The FADER that this release is about moving his artistry forward. "I never wanted to do a Vice Haus 2 because it sounded cliche and because I'm an artist that is all about moving forward," he said. "But I couldn't deny the demand from the people. I've been absent, so it's really just a message to all the asleep niggas to wake up. My friends came through for me and laced me with beats when my MacBook died and I couldn't really make my own beats."

ForteBowie Arrives With The Long-Awaited Vice Haus 2 EP