These Days, Yakki And 21 Savage’s “Pockets” Are Stuffed

Yakkistick is coming soon.

March 14, 2016

Atlanta rapper Yakki sounds damn near drunk when he gets to the hook on "Pockets," a lean new track debuting today on The FADER in anticipation of Gangsta Grillz-hosted tape Yakkistick, coming soon. Recounting the days when his pockets were empty, he sings dizzily from his present heights: Now I walk around with blue hundreds in my pocket.

Meanwhile, his collaborator, 21 Savage, pulls up spitting similar tale: I remember having nothing, I was fucked up, I was struggling/ watch my momma work a double, got that work and made it double, he raps. Now I walk around with a hundred in my pocket, all my niggas with me, they got hundreds in they pockets.


"Everyone featured on this tape came from and/or understands the struggle, the struggle to want to make it out of the ghetto by way of hip-hop," Yakki wrote in an email to The FADER, explaining that "Pockets" sets the tone for Yakkistick. "I'm from a part of Atlanta called Oakland City and everyday is a struggle."

Listen to "Pockets" below. Yakkistick is coming soon.

These Days, Yakki And 21 Savage’s “Pockets” Are Stuffed