Mariah Carey Will Star In Her Own Documentary Series

The eight-part series titled “Mariah’s World” will join the Kardashians on E!.

March 15, 2016

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Mariah Carey will star in a new documentary series that will air on E! Network. The series, which will be eight parts of one hour episodes each, began filming last week for the singer's tours in Europe and South Africa, The New York Times reports.

Ms. Carey made it clear that her series should not be lumped in with some of the other shows on the network: "I refuse to call it a reality show." She mentioned that even though she feels that she comes off as authentic to her fans, the show would be a good opportunity to showcase her personality because, "A lot of people have misperceptions about this and that.”

She may be referencing the now infamous episode of MTV's Cribs where Ms. Carey showed off her walk-in lingerie closet and got in the bath covered by a towel.

As for her desire for her family's privacy, it's unlikely that audiences will being seeing any footage of Ms. Carey and Nick Cannon's 4-year-old twins: “I don’t want to do anything that’s exploitative.” The twins have not yet been filmed for the show.

Mariah Carey Will Star In Her Own Documentary Series