LA timpa’s “Caged Animal” Is A Dreamy Abstraction From The Edge

The Toronto artist’s debut EP Animal drops April 15.

March 30, 2016

On “Caged Animal,” Toronto's LA timpa is in a grim place. His incandescent warble seems about to shatter. A teeth-cutting synth drops in and out like a flickering, naked bulb. And beneath it all, notes full of a playful soul dance like roaches when the light's on. The shadowy composition is naked in its own way though, and reveals in its lyrics the face of someone in transition: “Kinda feel like an animal, none of us feel the same”


“The Animal EP was inspired by my overall aesthetic as a
being, which was inspired by minimalism and my time living at ACC Studio.” Timpa says in an email. “I remember recording “Caged Animal” in the stairwell of our old high rise apartment building sometime between 3AM and 9AM. I really wanted the track to make you feel both isolated as well as focused on your surroundings. I enjoyed working on Animal. I enjoy listening to Animal and I look forward to [his next musical project] Aspen.”

La timpa's five song Animal EP out April 15 on Slow Release.

LA timpa’s “Caged Animal” Is A Dreamy Abstraction From The Edge