Long Beard’s “Porch” Video Is For All The Small-Town Introverts

Watch a cozy new clip for Sleepwalke’'s introspective opener.

March 31, 2016

New Jersey singer-songwriter Leslie Bear, better known as Long Beard, has a new video for "Porch," the first track on the deeply reflective full-length that we debuted last fall. The song is a peaceful ode to moving on, and it takes a new form with the help of video director Lillyan Ling. The clip stars Bear inside a cozy-looking pillow fort, surrounded by small strings of light lights. She gazes into a swirling celestial fog and sings: Who do you love? Later, she's joined by some friends.


"I used to live in a house on a hill with 8 other people, and would spend a lot of time on the porch," Bear told The FADER in an email. "One of my housemates had recently acquired a small light-weight banjo. It became a part of me for a little while, and I’d play it almost everywhere I went. One night, I was sitting on my porch talking to a good friend, and I could see this sadness in them that made me realize how we were all getting old for our college town. [We were] heart-broken, and unsure of how to hold on to what we loved while finding our place in the world. That night, I wrote this song on the porch, and haven’t picked up a banjo since."

"The entire process was doubly fun since we all collaborated as friends," the director added. "Plus, I hadn’t really dealt with video before, so I learned a great amount. We turned to the interior and exterior landscapes of introverts growing up in New Jersey, found whatever we had lying around, and sort of made it up as we went along." Watch above, and listen to Sleepwalker here.

Long Beard’s “Porch” Video Is For All The Small-Town Introverts