Palmistry Announces Debut Album, Shares “Club Aso”

Pagan drops June 17 via Mixpak.

April 08, 2016

This summer, London-based producer and vocalist Benjy Keating, a.k.a. Palmistry, will release his debut album Pagan via Mixpak. Today, he kicks off the campaign with the release of a delicate, downcast, dancehall-indebted track called "Club Aso," which he wrote during a Brixton winter while "overdosing on Kurosawa and ammy."


"It’s the first track on the LP and sets the minimal pop tone that shapes the record," he explained in an email to The FADER, adding, "It’s my favourite song on the album. I imagine people listening to it in the rain."

Pagan arrives June 17 via Mixpak.

Palmistry Announces Debut Album, Shares “Club Aso”