14 Times Drake Was British For The ‘Gram

A portrait of the artist as a young roadman.

April 11, 2016

Between his well-documented relationship with grime crew Boy Better Know, his recent U.K. funky sampling, and the teasing of his new album Views From The 6 in central London, Drake should be basically qualified for a U.K. passport already. But anyone following @champagnepapi on Instagram knows that his obsession with Brit culture didn't just develop overnight. The rapper's social media has long been littered with enthusiastic attempts at British accents and references to U.K. TV, slang, and sports teams. As we wait to hear just how much U.K. influence has made it onto Views From The 6, here's a guide to all the crucial times Drake's used social media to prove that deep down, he's a true Brit. Stick the kettle on and enjoy.

1. October 2014: Drake confesses his obsession with Kano-starring, hard-hitting British TV drama Top Boy.

Real bod man #Dushane

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2. October 2014: He starts dressing like a British soccer fan.

His sweater is from Stone Island—a heritage apparel brand with a long association with Britpop and soccer.

Top boy getting waved with the man dem.

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3. ...And when the U.K. press make fun of him, he deflects it with some more British slang.

Deyah pon road. Big up the UK mandem. I need to come back and tour innit? Yes bruv. #IMissLondon #02

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4. February 2015: Drake goes on a grime Youtube binge, and documents it all.

First, he shares the infamous 2006 clash between Skepta and grime MC Devilman. The clip is taken from grime scene institution Lord of the Mics, a DVD series of clashes between MCs that was established by Boy Better Know MC Jammer back in 2004.

Drizzy also shares a Skepta and Frisco freestyle, and a picture of Skepta and Wiley that he captions "#legends."

Skepta and Frisco going the fuck offfffffff. Another classic. #SkeppyAndFris 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 @skeptagram

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Man like Wiley been checked for me from time. Truly one of the best to ever do it. #Legends 🇬🇧

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5. June 8, 2015: Drake does “Shutdown” in Japanese restaurant Nobu after closing time.

Using the same impeccable south London accent he showed off in this classic Vine—"man's never been in Marquee when it's shutdown, trussss mi daddi"—which was later immortalized in Skepta’s 2015 hit "Shutdown."

Alright den. @skeptagram

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6. June 25, 2015: Drake quotes JME's "Man Don't Care" ahead of his performance at London's Wireless Festival.

Ahhhhhhh Course!!!! London!!!! Wireless!!!! #SHUTDOWN

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7. July 7: Drake & Co. enjoy the classic 'Wimbledon package' of strawberries and cream and a glass of Pimms.

OVO squad affiliate Kai Bent-Lee is not quite so excited.

@kaibentlee1 with the Wimbledon package

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8. July 25: Drake plays a game of soccer with ex-Chelsea striker Didier Drogba.

And celebrates in typical fashion for British players, spread-eagled on the floor.

Drogba...I am sorry. 🙏

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9. July 28, 2015: Drake gets really, really into soccer.

The rapper has been known to mix and match the jerseys of rival soccer teams such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea—prompting the Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand to lightly troll the rapper in 2015 for his supposed lack of loyalty.


My son's would never wear these kits... Their loyal to #MUFC ..... @champagnepapi ain't mine #HulkHogan 😂😂

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10. October 2015: Drake showcases his new BBK tattoo.

In case anyone doubted his love for grime and the U.K.

More than music. OVO BBK family for Life.

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11. February 2016: Drake misses Top Boy so much that he allegedly offers to fund a third season.

Top Boy will rise again. 🙏🏼😈👀

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12. February 24, 2016: Drake claims he has "signed" to BBK.

The first Canadian signed to BBK. Big up my brudda @skeptagram for life yeah. And my section gunners too. 🇬🇧

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13. February 25, 2016: Drake uses the word "telly."

Having just appeared with Skepta at a Section Boyz show in London, Drake uses the abbreviation for 'television' when quoting the group's song "Trapping Ain't Dead." (And he's one line away from saying he's chilling outside south London chicken joint Morley's.)

Now they see us on show or on telly

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14. April 2016: Drizzy gives props to legendary grime DJ Logan Sama for his help with U.K. funky-sampling "One Dance."

Strength and Guidance...shot my family @djlogansama for helping me on One Dance #VIEWS 🇬🇧

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14 Times Drake Was British For The ‘Gram