Bryson Tiller Teases “She’s Got My Soul” Project

Pen Griffey is now Pen Affleck.

May 31, 2016

coming soon

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Bryson Tiller hasn't released any new music since his reportedly platinum album T R A P S O U L in 2015 but that may be about to change. The Kentucky R&B singer posted the picture above on Instagram last night, May 29, alongside the caption: "Coming soon." Tiller, who has previously referred to himself as Pen Griffey, is billed as Pen Affleck in a project titled "She Got My Soul." The Griffey alias was a play on MLB star Ken Griffey Jr. with "Pen Affleck" presumably a pun on the Oscar-winning Batman V Superman actor.


Details as to whether this is a song or something bigger are not apparent at the time of writing. A representative for Tiller did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The FADER.

Bryson Tiller Teases “She’s Got My Soul” Project