Boiler Room To Tackle Sexism In Their Comment Section

The move was brought on following last night’s Nightwave set in Paris.

June 30, 2016

Boiler Room have announced that they want to eradicate examples of sexism and other discriminatory language in their comment section. The move was brought on when Nightwave called out those insulting her online as she DJ'ed at a Boiler Room event in Paris last night, June 29.


Boiler Room soon came out on Nightwave's side and told one Twitter user that they will hire people to monitor and manage the comments section of livestreams.

Gabriel Szatan, host and programmer at Boiler Room, told FACT that "straight up vile things" will no longer be tolerated by their team.

“We obviously can’t just shut down any comment when someone is like, ‘They fucked up that mix, that song is shit’ but we can’t allow straight up vile transphobic, misogynistic, racist things to carry on," Szatan said. "We’re scratching our heads on determining how to monitor it but we know that today is the line in the sand. It [will be] difficult, but that’s not to absolve ourselves. As the biggest live streaming company in the underground that should stand [up] for its liberal values, we know now that it’s our responsibility to lead the field.”

The FADER has reached out to Boiler Room and Nightwave for further comment.

Boiler Room To Tackle Sexism In Their Comment Section