The FADER Weekend Reading List

An impending conservative apocalypse, some rising stars, and startup CEOs on mushrooms.

July 22, 2016
The FADER Weekend Reading List Illustration by Leah Mandel / Jeff J Mitchell/Getty
The Yunited States of Yuge

Caity Weaver, GQ


Run through this virtual tour of Trump's assets while imagining a Back To The Future II-meets-Pottersville version of America.

How Roger Ailes Created Modern Conservatism

David Greenberg, Politico

Before stepping down in light of sexual harassment charges on the very day of Trump's convention acceptance speech, the former emperor of Fox News laid the basis for a bias-filled, truth-eschewing media landscape that led to the Trump campaign. Blech.

I'm With The Banned

Laurie Penny, Medium

A journalist spends time with newly Twitter-banned conservative Milo Yiannopoulos and the result is "a story about how trolls took the wheel of the clown car of modern politics."

Here's a little taste: "According to the law of the wild web, the spoils go to those with fewest fucks to give...Milo believes in almost nothing concrete—not even in free speech. The same is reportedly true of Trump, of people like Ann Coulter, of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage: They are pure antagonists unencumbered by any conviction apart from their personal entitlement to raw power and stacks of cash."

Why Kodak Black's American Story Is So Important

Lawrence Burney, The FADER

A crucial read on a crucial figure in rap, and why we're in dire need of a multitude of black voices.

Modern Marvel: Tessa Thompson Seizes The Moment

Anita Badejo, BuzzFeed

Actress Tessa Thompson starred in Dear White People and Creed, and will play the lead female role in a number of upcoming sci-fi flicks, including the next Thor movie. Here, she talks racism in Hollywood (naturally), and breaking free from playing "the black girl."

Facebook Takes Flight

Casey Newton, The Verge

Mark Zuckerberg is attempting to invent a high-flying drone that gathers power from the sun and would provide the world with wi-fi. Can Facebook do it?

What Making A Movie With Lil Yachty Is Like

Petra Collins, The FADER

If you haven't seen The FADER's Lil Yachty short film, Keep Sailing yet, you need to do that right now. Done? OK, now read about how New York photographer Petra Collins and the Sailing Team crew made it look so damn good.


Chris Colin, California Sunday Magazine

Apparently startup CEOs are microdosing mushrooms during the workday and taking ayahuasca retreats on the weekends to fuel their app ideas. Bonus: the illustrated animations in this one are dope.

The FADER Weekend Reading List