This Mix Proves Why Virginia’s Musical Contributions Matter

Blood Diamond and The Upsetter bring you a comprehensive audio history of VA’s contributions to music.

August 08, 2016

Get ready for the coolest history lesson you’ll have sat/walked/driven through in a minute.

Mixed by Blood Diamond and presented by design-centric site The Upsetter, “Two Up Two Down! The Beginners Guide To Understanding Virginia (Part One)” is a comprehensive and inspiring audio-journey, comprised simply of songs and interview snippets. Guiding the listener through the work of the best and brightest musical pioneers from Virginia, “Part One” makes a case for why the state is low-key behind some of the most important musical movements and moments of the past few decades.


Featuring work from Devante Swing & Mr Dalvin, to D’Angelo, The Neptunes, Missy and Tim, and beyond, this mix is essential for any music lover (and/or Virginian).

Listen below, and peep Part Two of the mix series, on Virginia’s new school.

This Mix Proves Why Virginia’s Musical Contributions Matter