Watch Ariel Pink “Cover” Blink 182 And *NSYNC On The Eric Andre Show

He also gets doused in feces: “Now it’s time for Ariel Stinks.”

August 25, 2016

Ahead of Ariel Pink's appearance on this week's episode of The Eric Andre Show, Adult Swim has shared a clip of his musical performance. The bedroom pop legend begins with a rendition of his 2006 track "Helen," before Andre introduces him as "Ariel Stink," and the musician gets doused with the contents of a vat of brown sludge. Then Blink 182 and *NSYNC impersonators come out to perform as Ariel Plink182 and Ariel *NSYNC, respectively. And then Hannibal Buress puts on a blonde wig and dress, becoming "Ariel Black." Watch above.


Other musician bits on The Eric Andre Show include Flying Lotus checking his emails, A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown playing "Rapper Warrior Ninja," and T.I. getting tortured.