19 Pieces Of Merch That Are Actually Worth Buying

These artists have what you need for the first day of school.

August 25, 2016

2016 may be remembered as the year of pop-up shops, but there's no need to get an Uber across the city at the drop of a (dad) hat to purchase the best music merch for back to school. From Lil Yachty’s pastel caps to Ghe20 G0th1k’s insane graphic tees, here’s a shoppable guide to all the recent drops available online and deliverable to your door, to make sure you make a sharp impression on the first day of fall.

1. London company Grime Tees's throwback Wiley design.
2. NON Records’s understated shallow black caps.
3. Terrible Records's fun/dumb Jurassic Park shirts.
4. These cute dolphin printed socks from Odd Future members Taco and Jasper.
5. The new #UziGang uniform.
6. This sailboat-ready cornflower blue cap from Lil Yachty.
7. Seth Bogart’s tribute to ‘60s weird-out trio The Shaggs.
8. Tri Angle's five-years-coming modern gothic shirts, printed on pitch black fabric.
9. Discwoman’s drawstring bag, to look on point in the street and stay cool in the club.
10. An after dark Italo vibe courtesy of PWR BTTM’s bubblegum pink sweater.
11. Ghe20 G0th1k’s “psychotic pussy pink logo tee,” from their first ever merch line.
12. This fire update of the classic Thrasher logo, from N.A.A.F.I X BARRAGAN.
13. On sight and on lock, with Fade To Mind’s latest design.
14. Another sweet collab from Know Wave, this time with Blood Orange.
15. Wear this high-waisted Lemonade swimsuit as a top with jeans, or under a sheer shirt.
16. This precisely designed patch from DIY label Orchid Tapes.
17. Holly Herndon’s techno-utopia themed long sleeve — designed by Metahaven.
18. A tongue-in-cheeck flip on Adidas’s logo from DJ Haram.
19. And this message for anyone that crosses you on the first day back.
19 Pieces Of Merch That Are Actually Worth Buying