Dark World Make Life Sound Fun Even When It’s Not

Watch a short film about a little-known New England collective called Dark World, which accompanies their feature story in The FADER’s new America Issue.

October 04, 2016

Dark World, a collective of musicians based in Western Massachusetts, is featured in The FADER's new America Issue. We've also made this accompanying short film, which opens another window into these boys's distinctly American small-town existence.


The film, which starts with a kid named Reed freestyling in a bubble bath, is a story about friendship, about a group of boys making catchy songs and freaky videos because they're good at it, and because there's nothing better to do. Each upload is an honest reflection of their suburban lives — homemade evidence that life doesn't always have to be boring.

"For lack of a better word, it's raw," explains Nick Atkinson, who makes beats as Ghost. "We're making music probably because we grew up here. I don't know if we'd be making this music if we were anywhere else."

Read the full feature now, along with all the other stories from the America Issue.

Dark World Make Life Sound Fun Even When It’s Not