Your Music Teacher Will Approve Of This Jazzy “Bad And Boujee” Remix

Omniboi significantly chills out Migos’s number one hit.

Photographer Ben Grieme
January 12, 2017

"Bad And Boujee" by Migos is currently the number one song in the country, and like any popular rap song, aspiring remixers around the world are trying their hands at new versions. But where a lot of producers might try to make the song bang even harder, omniboi takes a less futile route: the self-proclaimed "Videogame/Comicbook nerd" has revealed a version of "Bad And Boujee" you might hear in the load screen of a new Nintendo console. The juxtaposition of the pastel-colored jazz and the Atlanta trio's explicit raps is jarring, but somehow works. Check it out below.