Charlotte Dos Santos Debuts Stunning, Smoky “Red Clay”

The Norwegian singer’s rich new single comes from her debut album, Cleo.

March 07, 2017
Charlotte Dos Santos Debuts Stunning, Smoky “Red Clay” Nathan Bajar

Not only does Norwegian singer-songwriter Charlotte Dos Santos take a stunning photo, she also makes rich, sensual R&B-pop songs. On "Red Clay," premiering today on The FADER, her voice, which sounds like it belongs in a smoky speakeasy, is soulful and strong, yet vulnerable. It's a song about being manipulated, and the metaphor is spot on:


"Clay is an organic matter of minerals and rock, a water based substance that can last for centuries and be molded in to almost anything," Dos Santos wrote in a note to The FADER about the new track. "But it is also fragile and will collapse or evaporate if we don't have the right measurements and techniques. I wrote 'Red Clay' in frustration over vapid people who lack identity and need others to give them a purpose. It is about someone who took advantage of my creativity and love and needed me to help them take form, shape them, but in the end, to me, the person was nothing but mud which eventually will crumble or dissolve."

Dos Santos's debut album, Cleo, will be out this spring on Fresh Selects. Listen to "Red Clay" below.

Charlotte Dos Santos Debuts Stunning, Smoky “Red Clay”