Watch Daye Jack’s New Video For “Casino”

Take a ride through the desert with the 21-year-old rapper.

March 10, 2017


"Just woke up, I wanna do the most," raps Daye Jack, driving through the desert in a convertible filled with flowers in his new video for "Casino." The Nigerian-born, Atlanta-raised rapper released the video on Friday, it was directed by David Gallardo.

The funky beat of the track is complimented by the oversaturated colors of the sky and the aforementioned flower-filled backseat. The 21-year-old rapper, donning sunglasses and a skinny tie, takes pulls from an e-cig while being driven around by a friend.

In an interview with Paper Magazine, Jack said, "The video represents the bigger fears we have - and the journeys we take to get there."

Jack's album, No Data, comes out March 24th.

Watch Daye Jack’s New Video For “Casino”