Watch Nardwuar Interview Snoop Dogg

Snoop discussed his Cuban cigars, Martha Stewart, and received a Master P doll during the chat.

March 23, 2017

So far Nadwuar's trip to SXSW has gifted us a host of interviews with Vince Staples, Desiigner, Zane Lowe, and Ugly God all taking time to chat to Canada's finest. Today a new chat with Snoop Dogg went online. It's not the first time Nardwuar has grilled Snoop but it's the first time he has had the chance to ask him, "Is Martha Stewart a G?" Elsewhere in the interview they talked about bootleg chocolate, Cuban cigars, and old records. As usual Nardwuar was generous with the gifts, handing over a Master P doll at one point. Sadly they didn't get onto the subject of Snoop's recent beef with Donald Trump.


Watch Nardwuar's interview with Snoop above.

Watch Nardwuar Interview Snoop Dogg