The FADER Weekend Reading List

Power Rangers, PB&Js, and Hawaii’s thinning Republican party.

March 24, 2017
The FADER Weekend Reading List
The NBA's Secret Addiction

Baxter Holmes, ESPN


"'Man, I could go for a PB&J,' the player said. 'Yeah, let's get on that.'" And just like that, history was made. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich, in all shapes and sizes, crust on and crust off, is the NBA's favorite, most delicious snack. This story is complete with videos of players' preferred sandwich construction.

The Republican Party Is Dying In Hawaii

Adrianne Jeffries, The Outline

Recently, Hawaiian Republican state representative Beth Fukumoto decided to switch parties. She's now looking to become a Democrat, if they'll have her, because she's frustrated with the Trump administration and the GOP. Turns out there's a whole lot more going down in Hawaii, Jeffries reported.

Drake’s More Life Might Be The Key To The Music Industry’s Future

Myles Tanzer, The FADER

What is an album? What is a playlist? Why is More Life a playlist and not an album? Tanzer zooms in on the purpose, and evolution, of playlists in light of Drake's recent release: "With this project, he’s used that same musical technique and applied it to the album’s presentation, which could have destabilizing effects on the entire industry," he wrote. "By choosing to call this project a playlist, he’s fully acknowledging the importance of curated lists of songs to the industry right now."

How A 20-Year-Old Exorcism Sent Me In Search Of Korea’s Cult Problem

Jennifer Hope Choi, BuzzFeed

Back in the '90s, Choi's uncle was involved in a prayer ritual that left someone dead. A decade later, among new rumors and scandals, Choi followed the trail her uncle left to find out more about the cult situation in South Korea.

Makonnen Speaks His Truth

Amos Barshad, The FADER

“It was like, ‘Hey mom, I’m gay.’ End of the day, sky’s blue," Makonnen told Barshad in his Portland home on what it was like coming out. It's Makonnen's first interview since his Inauguration Day tweet, and he lets it all out.

The Untold Story of the Woman Who Saved Power Rangers

Eric Francisco, Inverse

The Power Rangers movie is out in the world, so it was a perfect occasion to celebrate Margaret Loesch, the woman who saved the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and turned it into blockbuster TV.

The FADER Weekend Reading List