Watch Nick Hakim’s Gorgeous Animated Video For “Roller Skates”

Green Twins is out May 19.

May 02, 2017

Nick Hakim has shared a video for "Roller Skates," the latest single from his upcoming album Green Twins. Watch it above via Pitchfork. The lo-fi, psychedelic soul track soundtracks an animated tale of a roller rink which according to the video's director Micah Buzan, is populated by "lonely characters who all desire something they can’t seem to get—be it love, a stuffed animal, or the ability to skate well.” There's also a bunch of rollerskating animal things who look perfectly content.


"Roller Skates" is "a love song," Hakim wrote in a press release obtained by Pitchfork. "This song’s first verse is about a night when I got really stoned at my friend’s house and forgot to meet up with my partner. It was pouring rain outside and when I realized I was late, I biked through Bed-Stuy as fast as I could through the rain to find her but she was gone.... The second verse is about patching it up, not leaving her house for a couple days."

Nick Hakim's debut LP Green Twins is out May 19. Check out the previously released song "Bet She Looks Like You"

Thumbnail image by Cait Opperman for The FADER

Watch Nick Hakim’s Gorgeous Animated Video For “Roller Skates”