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TIRE’s “Weapon” And “Foreward To Boredom” Are Made For That Cathartic Pissed-Off Summer Drive

Listen to the new tracks from Cities Aviv’s Gavin Mays’s new band.

May 24, 2017

Gavin Mays, the Memphis-based and New York-frequenting artist best known for his mind-transporting and genre-bending experimental production as Cities Aviv, has announced a new band called TIRE. Premiering today on The FADER are two of the band’s new songs, “Weapon” and “Foreward To Boredom.” The tracks pair together perfectly, finding home in a sparse and deeply steady drum beat, summer-smeared chords, and instructionally meditative lyrics. Both songs feel made for a fuming, slam-the-door, windows-down, speeding hot weather drive that may serve as the only escape to contemplate life’s shittiness. “Where we grew up people would called us ‘fags’ and ‘losers' for being ourselves,” Mays says of the tracks, “Now those same people want to be us. These songs carry no politics but are born of that social landscape."

Of his new post-punk inspired musical endeavor, a distinct departure from Cities Aviv’s rap heavy and often sample-based production, Mays shared, "Contemporary pop is boring. Listen to less club music. These songs were recorded in Memphis. There is no concept. I wish Thurston never cheated. It’s not my problem. Never trust a Katy Perry. All of my friends have good ideas. This is for my friends."


Listen to “Weapon” and “Foreward To Boredom” below, and look out for more from TIRE.

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TIRE’s “Weapon” And “Foreward To Boredom” Are Made For That Cathartic Pissed-Off Summer Drive