Migos Reportedly Removed From Delta Flight

Their manager is claiming it was an incident of racial profiling.

July 07, 2017


Migos were removed from a Delta flight on Friday, TMZ is reporting. The rap trio was in first class on a flight scheduled from Atlanta to Des Moines for a show. The group was accompanied by their manager, who recorded video of his conversation with a Delta employee once the group was no longer onboard.

Migos's manager told TMZ that Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff were seated in first class and all fell asleep before takeoff. The manager said that Takeoff's bag was on the floor instead of the overhead and that the rapper couldn't move it because he was asleep. The plane then taxied with the bag still on the floor, which reportedly prompted the pilot to remove the rapper from the flight. It's currently unclear if all three rappers were kicked off, or if only Takeoff was asked to leave and Quavo and Offset joined him.

In the video posted to TMZ, Migos's manager can be heard threatening Delta with a lawsuit over the ejection. According to the report, their manager is claiming that this was an act of racial profiling.

Watch the video of the conversation between the Delta employee and Migos over on TMZ.

A representative for Migos did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Migos Reportedly Removed From Delta Flight