Coco Mamba Won’t Compromise In Her Liberating New Two-Part Video

The New York-based artist and filmmaker’s tracks “Trippin (Acoustic)” and “Beat Drop” follow a journey from anxiety to freedom.

August 01, 2017

Coco Mamba is a New York-based, Virginia-born singer, songwriter, and filmmaker. Blending all of her mediums into one, her new two-part video for her tracks "Trippin (Acoustic)" and "Beat Drop" articulates the struggle of feeling isolated as a black woman in a creative industry and the desire to create her own narrative.


On "Trippin (Acoustic)," Coco expresses anxieties about the future over an acoustic guitar and a touch of tambourine. On "Beat Drop," she lets go — free falling with passion-filled rhymes, and offering us the opportunity to find something true to ourselves on the way down. At the end, a clip from an Eartha Kitt interview can be heard playing in the background: "But are you willing to compromise within a relationship?" To which Kitt replies, "To compromise?" Coco Mamba, too, is clearly not here to compromise.

"I constantly struggle with bouts of anxiety and isolationism as a Black woman in the creative industry and I want this visual to bring viewers into my head space," Coco told The FADER via email. "Much like my 'Bad & Boujee' track — which talks about living independently without the judgement or restraints of a man, or my "Tell Me Bout It" track, which discusses my frustration with street harassment and cat-calling — this project opens up a conversation that isn't often covered in music." Watch the video above.

Coco Mamba Won’t Compromise In Her Liberating New Two-Part Video