Take a tropical vacation with Coco Mamba’s intoxicating “Drive” video

Watch the Brooklyn singer-songwriter’s new visual now.

October 26, 2018

The weather is getting colder, and my desire to be anywhere else but here has never been greater. Enter Brooklyn singer-songwriter Coco Mamba's new trippy and tropical video for "Drive," which is premiering on The FADER today. Full of lush foliage, sun-kissed scenery, and truly breathtaking views, the Lucas Alvarado-Farrar-directed video is giving me a strong case of life, and a tiny bit of jealousy this chilly Friday afternoon. The track, a mesmerizing chant-like mantra to all hustling women out there, is highly-appreciated in two respects: for its get-down-on-the-beach potential, and gas-up-in-the-heart message. "Drive better, dream bigger!"


"'Drive' symbolizes the experiences I've had working as a woman in a male dominated industry," Mamba writes of the song via email. "There have been several times where my ideas and opinions have been reduced and disregarded under the assumption that my level of expertise is less than that of a man who is as equally qualified. This can be extremely discouraging, especially when my ideas are later reformatted and executed by the same men who were talking down to me, but I am constantly reminding myself of my worth and talent. I want this track to empower women in my industry to do the same."

Take a tropical vacation with Coco Mamba’s intoxicating “Drive” video