FADER Mix: Show Me The Body

“It’s a testament to absurdity and its ability to transform rage into communal expression,” says the band.

August 23, 2017

Show Me The Body is a New York trio that strives to make music as hectic as their city. Today, we're sharing their ridiculously tight new FADER mix. It's equal parts energizing, dissociative, and cathartic, like all the phases of a revelation-filled overnight acid trip condensed into one 30-minute set. It wraps up with a screamy freak-folk ballad sung by SMTB frontman Julian Cashwan Pratt himself — a new take on a dusty Soundcloud demo.


"This mix contains original work by SMTB as well as Corpus affiliates," the band explained to The FADER in an email. "Amidst cultural ghamorra and political sodom we offer play and action. It's a testament to absurdity and its ability to transform rage into communal expression." They're part of the extremely stacked lineup for Saturday's edition of Warm Up at MoMA Ps1, which also includes boundary-mutilating sound designers like Actress, Yves Tumor, and more.


Intro - Show Me The Body
Let Me Out - President Evil
My Whole Family - Show Me the Body, Chris Wilson, Skunk Rot, Pierre Botardo
If I Could Hold Your Soul - Cities Aviv
Yu Already - Show Me the Body, Remy Banks, Kap1
Grind - President Evil
Untitled - Show Me The Body, Dadras
Oouii - Show Me the Body, Negashi Armada
Academy Academy - B L A C K I E
Strangle Cords - Tripp Jones, Corpus
Break Work - Chip Skylark
Punx Up Bros Down - Dog Breath
I'm a Beach Boy - SNILL
Romans - Cashwan
Dolled up - Cashwan


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