21 things you need to touch with your hands at this year’s New York Art Book Fair

The annual, weekend-long celebration of print media is nice on the eyes, but a little overwhelming. We’re here to help.

The New York Art Book Fair rules. Attracting hundreds of publishers and printers from around the world, and subsequently, thousands of attendees a day, things can get a little OD. To give you a jumpstart on planning your visit to MoMA PS1, we've compiled a list of 21 things you've got to check out, from a Baltimore tribute tee to a really rad vegan cookbook. Peep it all below, and don't forget to slot time for the sweet live acts performing in the courtyard throughout the weekend.


1. This happy and pastel-y swimsuit from Brazilian artist Bia Bittencourt

Find it at: the Stolen Prints table in the zine tent.

2. An oral history of the 2015 Baltimore protests, as told through teenagers's tweets

Find it at: Research and Destroy's table in the zine tent.

3. These hand-painted, gallery-ready skate decks

Find it at: Unity's table in the dome.

4. The first edition of Brain Dead's First 2 Years book

Find it at: Ommu Books's table on the second floor.

5. These unconventional cook books from the 8 Ball zine cave

Find it at: the 8 Ball zine cave.

6. This insanely strong Baltimore tribute tee by True Laurels's Lawrence Burney

Find it at: the True Laurels table in the Friendly Fire room.

7. P.A.M. and Facetasm's Pamtasm, their collaborative flippy and trippy new book

Find it at: PAM Books's table on the third floor.

8. Really nice nail art courtesy of Onomatopee

Find it at: Onomatopee's table on the second floor.

9. A print of FADER editorial designer Sharon Gong's reimagining of the 💯 emoji

Find it at: Cooperative Editions x Common Satisfactory table on the second floor.

10. FADER fave Ebecho Muslimova’s first book.

Find it at: Onestar Press in the Small Press room.

11. Sick stamps from The Stampographer, repped by Siglio Press

Find it at: the second floor.

12. A necessary Guilty Pleasures In The Age Of The Problematic Fave zine from Ulises Books

Find it at: the third floor.

13. Breakdown Press's futuristic comics repped at Desert Island (plus the Brooklyn comic store’s free newspaper)

Find it at: the dome.

14. Critical texts about cities and design from Amsterdam-based publisher Valiz

Find it at: Valiz's table on the second floor.

15. Erotic novels and satanic lube at your local Badlands Unlimited

Find it at: the first floor.

16. This “Support Your Local Publisher” tee from artists Yuri Ogita and Devin Strother’s Coloured Publishing

Find it at: the third floor.

17. Heather Benjamin and Emma Kohlmann’s weird and sexy joint zine

Find it at: the third floor.

18. Michelle Guinto’s Winona-loving fanzine from the Hamburger Eyes table

Find it at: the zine tent.

19. A Kerry James Marshall book from The Renaissance Society

Find it at: the second floor.

20. New York Gallery The Hole's bittersweet, illustrated Obama mic-drop flipbook

Find it at: the second floor.

21. This reprint of legendary x-rated zine Straight To Hell's second issue.

Find it at: the second floor..