Prince Innocence made a song that feels like falling out of love

Watch the video for “Blue Star.”

October 17, 2017

The video for Prince Innocence's "Blue Star" looks a lot like falling out of love feels: the pair sits in the midst of an arresting, diorama-like scene — stuck, barely moving, eyes fixed on something far away. Appropriately, that's what the song is about, too. "Maybe, baby, you're no good for me," sings Talvi, over production that builds on the Toronto duo's minimalistic electronic pop sound. The new depth comes courtesy of collaborations with producers Harrison and Joel Ford, Prince Innocence said in an email.


"Josh and I wanted to write our own version of 'I’m not in love' by 10cc. It was written very much with the mental image of people slow dancing to it at a school dance or somewhere else," said Talvi over email. "The lyrics are pretty straight forward — it captures a period of time when I was sort of stuck in an endless loop, trapped in my indecision about someone.” Highly relatable.

"Blue Star" is Prince Innocence's first release in a minute, and precedes a forthcoming EP of the same name, out on November 10.