This art installation reimagines what borders between countries should look like

“Wall < Enter” explores fear within the immigrant community in response to Trump’s proposed wall.

October 20, 2017

Trump’s border wall is just one of a number of ways the current administration is choosing to move forward with divisive immigration policies. Alongside his proposed travel bans, DACA’s pending expiration date, and profuse anti-immigrant rhetoric, the wall is a physical representation of the kind of intolerance that separates families and communities. In response to the proposed border wall, the Coalition of Hispanic Family Services’ Arts and Literacy After School program created its own wall with art submitted by 1,300 students and their families. The piece titled "Wall < Enter" explores the fear that permeates immigrant communities with the current intimidating actions coming from the White House and President Trump himself.


The installation includes a montage of images, light, music, video, and monologues about how the community is reacting to these aggressive immigration policies. Within the piece, students and their family members share personal immigration stories that offer an opportunity for allies and observers to hear the voices of those most affected by anti-immigrant rhetoric.

You can see "Wall < Enter" now at the Knockdown Center, which is hosting a reception October 27 with performances by Helado Negro, Debit, 8 Ball Radio DJs, Azikwe Mohammed, and Calypso Discos.

Posted: October 20, 2017