Thanks to a lucky break, Oliver Hazard got the chance to make a folk-pop masterpiece

Lord help the small-town boys.

November 03, 2017

Oliver Hazard is a new band out of little Waterville, Ohio, who got very lucky, if you believe in such a thing. The lead singer, Mike Belazis, usually leads Outward Bound trips in California, but he was visiting his childhood hometown not too long ago when he met up with a few old buddies. Over the course of a week, they wrote a bunch of songs together, then, serendipitously, won a Facebook raffle for one song’s worth of free studio time. Instead, they played all 10 of their new tracks straight through live, recording their impromptu debut LP for the princely sum of $75.


You can meet the guys and their hometown, which is sleepy and bleak and beautiful, in the video below.

“Caeser Knows” is their first song, debuting today at The FADER and available now on Spotify. There’s a tambourine and the kick drum is an empty suitcase. There’s always somewhere else you can go.