Lil Kim on Beyoncé’s Halloween tribute: “I’m speechless and honored 🙏🏾”

The Queen of Hip-Hop shared her reactions to every look.

November 04, 2017

This year, Beyoncé dressed up as Lil Kim for Halloween but this was no ordinary costume—she chose five of the rapper's most iconic looks of all time to duplicate.


Queen Bey recently broke down each outfit on her website with brief statements that outlined the origin of each image. Underneath the headline of the slideshow she states “HIP HOP WOULD NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT OUR ORIGINAL QUEEN B.”

Last night, Lil Kim expressed her approval and appreciation for the tribute on Twitter.

Form there, the legendary rapper proceeded to share her thoughts on every single look. As expected, the comments were mostly praise for paying homage to her legacy. Scroll down to read all of the reactions. Lil Kim's latest single "Took Us a Break" is out now. Watch the full music video here.


Thumbnail image via @LilKim/Twitter