Kehlani secured a $50,000 investment in her tech startup Flora

The investment comes from Backstage Capital, a venture capital firm that funds projects by people of color.

November 08, 2017

After the release of her debut album SweetSexySavage at the beginning of the year, Kehlani is shifting her focus and jumping into the tech world. Earlier this week, the 22-year-old announced that she has secured a $50,000 investment for her startup Flora, as TechCrunch points out.


The funding for the Oakland native's startup, which seeks to provide information on health and wellness through "curated green content” for young people, comes from Backstage Capital, a firm focused on investing in projects by people of color.

"Ive slightly mentioned my interest in tech, yearning to bridge the gap between my activism and career in a fresh new way and this is it," Kehlani wrote on Instagram. "I cant wait to share this idea, I havent believed in something like this in a while. Proud to say we joined forces with a woman specifically looking to support queer/POC/women, its more than key for our mission to have lined up than anything in the world."