You will fall hard for this idiosyncratic U.K. rap song by newcomer Octavian

“Party Here” is something special.

December 01, 2017

21-year-old London rapper Octavian quietly dropped this off-kilter, sung-rap gem, "Party Here," on YouTube a little over three months ago. In that time, it's bubbled slowly, only just capping 20,000 views — but I'd be willing to bet that each person that's landed on it during that time has stopped in their tracks. Octavian has an instantly likeable drawl, with a flow that scribbles outside the lines and a tone that bleeds with sincerity on lines like, "Me and my team, we know what it means to survive." With a video that Octavian and his mates shot themselves for £50, "Party Here" is essentially a turn-up song — complete with sunny synths and a skippy beat — cut through with a kind of pathos. Now that it's being officially released today, you'll probably be hearing it everywhere very soon.

Posted: December 01, 2017