Watch Mura Masa’s live video for the transcendent “What If I Go?”

Bonzai is a star, too.

December 07, 2017

21-year-old British producer Mura Masa received two Grammy nominations last week for his excellent self-titled album. To celebrate, he's releasing a video for his popular single "What If I Go?," that features footage from his world travels this year. Bonzai, the track's vocalist, stuns crowds around the world while Mura Masa drives the beat home.


In an email to The FADER, the producer explained the song's organic origins. "The song came about in a funny way," he said. "Because the main lyric was my idea but the song ended up kind of reflecting the fact that me and Cassia [aka Bonzai] really did spend a lot of time following each other around touring that year. The song is definitely intimate to us in that way, it reminds us of that period of getting to know each other as friends. It was also the very first idea I wrote for the album, I made most of it on a train into London."

Thumbnail credit Piczo via Mura Masa

Posted: December 07, 2017