This guy said “Gucci Gang” a million times and raised over $10K for charity

Livestreamer Graham The Christian donated the sum to child poverty organization Red Nose Day

January 16, 2018

Popular figure Jesus Christ once turned five loaves and two fishes into a meal that could feed many. Fast forward roughly 2000 years, and livestreamer Graham The Christian (no relation) has performed a similar feat: saying the title of Lil Pump's song "Gucci Gang" a million times, and transforming that act into a reported $10,000 charitable donation to Red Nose Day, a children's poverty organization. Watch Graham say the last 1000 "Gucci Gangs" above via Billboard – you can still donate to his fundraiser here.


"Gucci Gang" has been both celebrated and criticized online for Lil Pump's repetition of the song's title throughout the track, a total of 53 times. The conversation around the song's lyrical quality likely factored into Graham The Christian's choice of charitable endeavour.

"Gucci Gang" peaked at number three on Billboard Hot 100 last year. Watch the music video below, followed by a Twitter Moment rounding up Graham's "Gucci Gang" run.

Thumbnail photo: Lil Pump's Instagram

Posted: January 16, 2018