Cardi B will perform at the Super Bowl when the NFL rehires Colin Kaepernick

Cardi B has been consistent in her support of Kaepernick.

February 04, 2018

Cardi B has never wavered in her support for Colin Kaepernick. In interviews and on red carpets, the star has reiterated time and again her support for the football player and activist who went unsigned after his peaceful protest against police brutality riled up the nation.


Kaepernick recently donated the last $10,000 of his million dollar pledge to local organizations. His donation was matched by Meek Mill, who donated while behind bars and whose song will be played for the Philadelphia Eagles as they come on to the field during the Super Bowl.

Outside of a Minneapolis Super Bowl event, Cardi was stopped by TMZ and asked about when she was going to perform at the Super Bowl. "Not until the NFL rehires Colin Kaepernick," she responded, not even pausing before she gave her answer.

Cardi is not the only celebrity to support Colin, or criticize the NFL for their treatment of him. Diddy, JAY-Z, Meek Mill, Beyonce, Erykah Badu, and more have also used their social capital to support Colin Kaepernick's protests and causes.