Listen to Palm’s new album Rock Island

The Philly-based rock outfit’s tropical inspired sophomore LP is out.

February 09, 2018
Listen to Palm’s new album <i>Rock Island</i> Dylan Pearce

Since Palm broke through with its debut LP Trading Basics in 2015, the Philly-based outfit has consistently put out some of the most intriguing and complex rock music of recent years, although "rock" may be too constraining of a term. When we interviewed the band back in November, guitarist and vocalist Kasra Kurt described the title of their new record, Rock Island, as "a celebration of rock tradition to some extent...if you look back, rock bands were pushing boundaries. There is still room for that to happen."


Rock Island, which is finally out today, is a master class in carving out that intentional liminal space. Heavy on the jagged riffs and tropical steel drum, it truly sounds like nothing else being made right now. Listen for yourself below, and be sure to catch Palm on the band's extensive tour this spring.

Listen to Palm’s new album Rock Island