Swan Lingo’s “In The Ocean” video will put you in your feelings

“I can smell your potion / Even from a mile away.”

February 09, 2018

The video for Swan Lingo’s “In The Ocean” drops you gently into the purple-hued throes of a young romance. The latest visual offering from WEDIDIT’s Washington, D.C.-based artist takes place on a dewy summer night, thick with the feelings of missing an old flame. It’s a pretty, neon-synth-tinged track that, paired with the hazy dream-pop flourishes of California band Craft Spells, is just right for blasting at night as you reminisce about that special someone.


“This first album is a collection of songs I wrote while living at home in D.C. after my short stint of living in Richmond, Virginia for a year,” Swan Lingo shared with The FADER over email. “I was coming into myself as a artist at this point in life and finding my sound. “In The Ocean” came about when I was in the WEDIDIT studio late night whipping up with my bro C.Z."

Watch the video for the track above, and look out for his debut full length Wonder What, out February 23rd on WEDIDIT. Scroll on for the album art and tracklist.


1. Come This Way (Prod. Groundislava & Sebastien Christie)
2. Colan (Prod. Swan Lingo)
3. Sunrise (Prod. Swan Lingo)
4. Wonder What (Prod. Swan Lingo)
5. In The Ocean feat Craft Spells (Prod. C.Z. & Craft Spells )
6. Can't See Your Face Anymore (Prod. C.Z.)
7. Whatever You Want (Prod. D33J)
8. Kush & Bombay (Prod. C.Z.)
9. Call (Prod. Shlohmo)
10. It Hurt (Prod. Rory Gallagher)