New bo en music is all I wanted today, and it came!!!

Plus an accompanying perfume, perfect for Valentines.

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day, it's my yearly reminder that bo en is one of the best young musicians living.


In a 2016 interview, we spoke about how to make smart music that's still totally fun — and then he more or less chilled on releasing anything. The past year, as it turns out, was spent making the music for Nintendo's adorable Snipperclips game. Now, he's shared a proper ballad, "Love in a Song," and an accompanying love potion perfume.

"It was supposed to come out two Christmases ago," he tells me, "but I thought the vocals sucked and I couldn't make the mix work… I actually ended up getting a year of vocal lessons before being happy to put this out." Maybe speaking to its long-time-coming nature, the video imagines what a lyric video would be in the middle ages, gilded and holy. The clip was directed by David Hollands, who 3D-modeled SOPHIE's dildo. Stick around for the gorgeous final shots, wow.

"Love in a Song," bo en says, "is 'from the album' lol whatever that means." The perfume release date is TBA, but downloads of this song are in the YouTube description. Even when singles are released years apart, I'm still rapt.

New bo en music is all I wanted today, and it came!!!