POLIÇA collaborates with orchestral collective s t a r g a z e to create a quiet masterpiece

Together, they channel something sad and ephemeral.

February 14, 2018

Minneapolis synth-pop band POLIÇA and Berlin orchestral collective s t a r g a z e have come together to release collaborative album Music For The Long Emergency, via Transgressive Records and Totally Gross National Product. Premiering today on The FADER is "Speaking Of Ghost," the group's new single from the record.


Quietly stunning, s t a r g a z e's weeping strings and horns perfectly compliment Channy Leaneagh of POLIÇA's digitally-altered vocals, which bring a welcome friction and other-dimensionality. The result is a an emotion that's hard to pin down, but sweet, sad and fleeting.

Of the track, Leaneagh wrote to The FADER: “‘Speaking of Ghost’ included a sample of mine and Ryan's 10-month-old son at the time playing drums. He was on the road with us for the first performance of the song in Berlin. It's a note of memories from the first year of his life, and it ends with a message to him for his future when I'm gone. He was my constant companion while writing this record — I'd write the lyrics by trying out different melodies and stories on him while I sang him to sleep. He was my silent audience... felt like singing for a ghost.” Listen below, and keep a look out for Music For The Long Emergency, out February 16th.