NorBlack NorWhite’s new video lookbook carries you through the bustle of old Delhi

The Chandni Chowk spice market is the backdrop for the Indian-Canadian brand’s lush velvet drop.

February 20, 2018

NorBlack NorWhite — the brainchild of Indian-Canadian designers Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar — has found inspiration in the disappearing art forms and artisan communities of their culture since the duo moved to India in 2009. The permanently bustling Chandni Chowk spice markets and skyline of old city Delhi are the latest muse for the line, bringing to life the Velvet Vixen Capsule collection. The comfy, lush knits are equally as vibrant as the iconic market, evoking a feeling of easy luxury. In the video, dancer Ixquel glides through and posts up around the market's vendors, effortlessly blending into the market's dynamic punches of colors.

"Delhi being a newer home for NorBlack NorWhite, this visual and sound is our shoutout to how [it] can make us feel slow in the madness of the pace and people," said NBNW to The FADER over email. Watch the video above, and learn more about the line's creative process here.